In High Fever in Children A Cause for Concern?

Should I be worried about my child's fever?


Fever is a result of an inflammatory process. On it’s own it is harmless and does not cause brain damage or seizures. This idea likely has its origins in the past when people had brain infections or meningitis, those cause brain damage and seizures. In the absence of brain infection, fever does not cause brain injury The temperature of the fever correlates poorly to the severity of illness

When Should I Consult a Doctor?


- Is the child eating well?

- Is the child alert or drowsy?

- Can the child pass urine?

An active, child that is wetting the diaper and feeding well is often observed.



- Has the fever been going on for more than 3 days?

A fever lasting more than 3 days is worth evaluating.

A fever that has lasted for more than 5 days should definitely be reviewed.

High Fever Diagnosis & Treatment

1. We can do a CRP blood test to have an objective sense of whether we are dealing with a severe infection.

2. We can run urine cultures to rule out urine infections. 

3. Discuss use of antibiotics with our doctors.

4. Of course, all this is in tandem with a medical consultation and evaluation.

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